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Aruna Arokiya Maiyam

Guide to Success (வெற்றித் துணைவன்) - Tamil and English e-book

Guide to Success (வெற்றித் துணைவன்) - Tamil and English e-book

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It is in all of our desires that we use the acquired knowledge to raise our standards in the society. And it is best that these thoughts be recognised. It is in your right to choose what you be a professional at. By that, I mean "may you succeed". At the same time, you must also realise the fact that a healthy body and a confident mind is essential for you to make that dream a reality.

To achieve that state of healthy body and mind, there may be a thousand methods. But we "THE ORGANISATION OF KANNA FOUNDATION" has brought forth to you, the simplest of all means in attaining that state through the traditional art of "FINGERS AS DOCTOR" which had been in practise since the tradition of GURUKULAM. Thus this covert art has been medically researched, acknowledged and delivered to you.

This is an e-book only edtion.

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