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Hi from Aruna Arokiya Maiyam! We are a passionate manufacturing company dedicated to creating truly natural and organic products for the well-being of families worldwide. Our journey began with a simple belief: if our products are amazing for our own family, they are worth sharing with the world.

Trustworthiness is at the core of our brand. We prioritize sourcing the finest natural and organic ingredients, ensuring that every product we craft is of the highest quality.

  • Traditional Recipes

  • 100% Pure

  • Handcrafted

  • Cruelty Free

  • Aruna Aalam Tooth Powder is a treasure from our Indian heritage. It has transformed my dental care routine, making my teeth stronger and healthier. This herbal tooth powder keeps my breath fresh and my permanent teeth intact. I'm proud to support a brand that embraces our Indian wisdom and traditions.

    -Varun Nair, Palakkad
  • Poorana Kalimbu is my go-to herbal hair solution. Being an Indian, I take immense pride in our ancient remedies. This one-stop herbal hair solution has addressed all my hair concerns, including hair loss and damaged hair. It's a true blessing that nourishes my hair and promotes regrowth. Thank you, Aruna Arokiya Maiyam!

    -Aishwarya Rengarajan, Bangalore
  • Varma Ilakku Anjanam has been my trusted companion for relieving pain. As an avid athlete, I often experience muscle soreness and joint discomfort. This pain relief balm works wonders in soothing my aches and helping me recover faster. It's a truly remarkable product, deeply rooted in our rich Indian traditions.

    -Rajesh Kumar, Chennai
  • Vayu Sanjeevi has been a game-changer for my gastric issues. This herbal concoction has provided me immense relief from bloating, acidity, and indigestion. It's a natural and effective solution that I can rely on. Thank you, Aruna Arokiya Maiyam, for bringing such authentic remedies to our Indian homes.

    -Priya, Coimbatore
  • The Steam Pack from Aruna Arokia Maiyam is a therapeutic aid deeply rooted in our Indian culture. I've experienced its incredible benefits firsthand. Steaming with this pack has helped me fight against various illnesses, including colds, congestion, and respiratory discomfort. It's a natural and comforting remedy that I highly recommend.

    -Ravi Shankar, Hyderabad
  • Aruna Aalam Tooth Powder is my family's oral care secret. We believe in the power of natural remedies, and this herbal tooth powder embodies our Indian wisdom. It has strengthened our teeth, improved our oral health, and provided a fresh breath that lasts all day. It's a proud part of our Indian heritage.

    -Deepa Narayan, Trichy
  • Vayu Sanjeevi has brought immense relief to my recurring gastric issues. This herbal concoction has proven to be a true gem from our Indian heritage. Its natural ingredients soothe my stomach, promote digestion, and keep my gastric disorders at bay. Thank you, Aruna Arokiya Maiyam, for making such authentic products accessible.

    -Naveen, Chennai
  • I cannot express enough gratitude for Varma Ilakku Anjanam. As an ardent follower of traditional Indian medicine, this pain relief balm has been a game-changer. It alleviates my muscle and joint pains, providing quick and effective relief. It's a testament to the power of our Indian remedies.

    -Shalini Khanna, Pune
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