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Aruna Arokiya Maiyam

Siddha Matham ( சித்த மதம் ) - Tamil e-book

Siddha Matham ( சித்த மதம் ) - Tamil e-book

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Religion, what does it mean? It is an attempt to understand the various paths to connect with the divine and the practices associated with it, in order to attain a higher state. Today, religions are followed by many, and among them, the uniqueness of Siddha tradition stands out. Why is this a new endeavor? It is not a new initiative, but a revival of ancient practices.

Different religions, followed by many even today, emphasize the importance of individual human transformation rather than concealing or forgetting one's natural disposition and striving for higher states. Just as a bird builds its nest with leaves and twigs, humans should develop their inherent abilities and qualities to reach higher states. That is what Siddhars, the practitioners of Siddha tradition, have been pursuing. This is known as " Siddhanta ".

This book does not undermine the importance of individual human transformation; it merely sheds light on it, like how a leaf reveals the hidden fruit. The soul, an intangible energy, is connected with the physical body through the vital energy. Attaining such a heightened state requires physical purity, mental clarity, and the necessary capabilities. These are the prerequisites for spiritual enlightenment. The various practices to achieve this and how we should embrace them are precisely explained in this book.

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