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Aruna Arokiya Maiyam

Travel Companion ( பயணத் துணைவன் ) - Tamil and English

Travel Companion ( பயணத் துணைவன் ) - Tamil and English

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Mankind face a lot of challenges till date and will continue to do so. However, only those challenges that create greater changes in the mankind (which is purely based on the need of ours) will sustain for centuries. Recently, the direction of the existing century is driven towards the health and lifestyle of an individual. A great industrial growth in this, has led Kanna Foundation to make an attempt to unearth the most unique technique that has been successful but a secret for decades which has now been written in this book for the benefit of mankind to be reminded of a life that is 100+ years of a span.

What do you think this technique could be? It is an internal micro-surgery at the cellular level for the existing problem. The objective is to be aware that our fingers are our doctors, fulfilling the basic medical needs of an individual by themselves. Knowledge brings Clarity, Practise gives Benefits. And thus, We present to you the "Travel Companion".

This art, which has been derived from "The Varmakkalai" is a rare knowledge that can be utilized very easily now by everyone to make extinct the need for external medical support to live life without disease and with health at its peak. Which we have been spreading throughout mankind. This book has been documented and proved of its beneficiaries worldwide across India, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka and many more.

This book is an outcome of the realization of an individual's social responsibility. As a of that, we bring out this rare treasure to save mankind from all health disorders.
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